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"The fans fantastically supported us"

A word from André Lotterer after the WEC race at Fuji.

You were looking forward to the race at Fuji with very eager anticipation because it is a home round for you in a way. The result, however, did not fulfill your expectations.
Because I live in Tokyo it’s true that the event is a very special one for me even though the race, unfortunately, did not go so well for us today. The fans fantastically supported us throughout the race weekend, be it from the grandstands or in the paddock, and especially behind our garage. Their enthusiasm is very important for us. In sporting terms, everything remains open. There has been a change in the lead of the manufacturers’ classification but Audi is trailing Toyota only by eight points. Now we’ve got to improve in the next races.

Audi’s trackside presence was even greater this year than before. What will you remember best?
Wherever we went, the four rings thrilled the fans. The Audi Fan Area behind the main grandstands was impressive and featured plenty of attractions. The examples of e-tron technology and the Audi laser light gave people a direct experience of how motorsport influences the production technology of our brand.

Why is there such strong interest in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) in Japan?
In personal conversations with the fans and guests at the Audi VIP Lounge, I keep noticing that the Japanese truly appreciate our commitment. This applies to the fascinating technology which the manufacturers develop in order to compete in this extremely challenging sport as well as to the strictly human level. The fans often arrive with personal photos or program booklets from various years to have them signed. And whenever you see a child wearing an Audi overall you definitely know that even youngsters are thrilled by Audi in the WEC and are proud of getting an autograph.

Audi motorsport-141010-7146