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"This year, we want to be in front"

Quotes from the Audi Sport Team Joest before the WEC round at Shanghai.

Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “We’d like to deliver a good sporting performance in Audi’s largest single market. We’re going to leave no stone unturned to clinch our sixth WEC win of the season and our first success on the Shanghai circuit with the R18 e-tron quattro. We’re facing a challenging race. At the same time, we’re in for the next World Championship decision. Loïc Duval, Tom Kristensen and Allan McNish have the chance to succeed Marcel Fässler, André Lotterer and Benoît Tréluyer as World Champions at the seventh round of the season. I think this will provide the crowd with a real treat.”

Chris Reinke (Head of LMP): “Looking at the sales figures, Shanghai is our home race. This is another reason why it’s a very important race in which we’ve got to settle some unfinished business. We didn’t win last year, so we’re particularly motivated now. The track characteristics pose a great challenge because, due to the regulations, we can’t use our hybrid system in the narrow turns.”

Ralf Jüttner (Technical Director Audi Sport Team Joest): “At Shanghai, a year ago, it wasn’t so easy to perfectly set up our car. The track is known as very demanding. Toyota won the race last year; this year, we want to be in front. We’re traveling to Shanghai with the data gathered last year and have got two improved race cars on the grid. This season, we’ve consistently been very competitive. That’s why there can only be one aim in China, too: victory.”

Marcel Fässler (37/CH), Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1 (Audi Sport Team Joest)
-Is traveling to China with his team-mates as last year’s World Champions
“Shanghai is a very special track with good overtaking opportunities. I really like the track layout. The first long turn immediately requires great skill because we can’t see the apex. Last year, the race wasn’t so easy for us but I’m convinced that this year we can be optimistic thanks to the very good preparation.”

André Lotterer (31/D), Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1 (Audi Sport Team Joest)
-Together with Benoît Tréluyer set the fastest time in qualifying most recently in Japan
“Shanghai is a typical, modern Grand Prix track. To be honest, my heart doesn’t really belong to such circuits with their very special turns. But that’s neither here nor there – we’re aiming to achieve the best for Audi. Last year, we weren’t able to make really good use of the tires. I’m optimistic because this year we’ve clearly made some progress that’ll again show in China.”

Benoît Tréluyer (36/F), Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1 (Audi Sport Team Joest)
-With his team-mates has won the WEC rounds at Spa and São Paulo plus the Sebring 12 Hours this year
“I think Shanghai will be the most difficult race of the year. We’ve clearly seen that our engineers managed to make a big step with the car. But the track with its corners does not suit our car at all. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to use our hybrid energy as freely as our competitor. Winning in China won’t be easy.”

Loïc Duval (31/F), Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2 (Audi Sport Team Joest)
-After São Paulo and Austin, at Shanghai, gets to run on a third track previously unknown to him
“I’ll get to know another new track and country. We realize how important China is as an automobile market for Audi. Naturally, we’d like to be in contention for victory. That’s important for Audi and for us, the three drivers of car number ‘2.’”

Tom Kristensen (46/DK), Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2 (Audi Sport Team Joest)
-Together with Allan McNish was the best Audi driver team at Shanghai last year
“For us, the race in China is a nice task. We’d like to clinch the first WEC victory of the brand in the largest market. And we all know that the race will be about a possible early decision in the drivers’ World Championship after Audi has already won the title in the manufacturers’ classification.”

Allan McNish (43/GB), Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2 (Audi Sport Team Joest)
-Together with his team-mates is leading the WEC standings
-Qualified in the best R18 e-tron quattro for the front row at Shanghai a year ago
“In the battle with Toyota, we’ve been more competitive this year than in the past season, especially on the tracks with tighter turns like the one in Brazil. Shanghai has such characteristics as well. I’m expecting a very close battle between the two manufacturers. Now, in the second year of the R18 e-tron quattro, we’ve got a very good feel for our car but the race won’t be easy.”

Audi motorsport-131101-8037