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"There is a risk of getting hooked on achieving further success"

A word from Marcel Fässler

The three of you celebrated a hard-fought victory at Le Mans in an awesome running of this race. How do you rate this success, looking back on it after three weeks?
At the beginning of the race, clinching victory seemed almost unrealistic for us, considering how fierce the competition was with Toyota and Porsche. Plus, we had two other strong cars in our own team. To have won in spite of this feels extremely good. The challenge is completely different every year, as each race at Le Mans has something special. Victory is sweet – and quite honestly: there is a risk of getting hooked on achieving further success.

None of the three manufacturers managed a flawless race. How tough was the competition?
There are highs and lows in any race but this time they were really extreme. Toyota was leading for a long time but then they had a defect on track that couldn’t be repaired. Suddenly, we were leading with a three-lap advantage. Then a turbocharger failure caused us to drop to third place – we were lacking two laps. I was sure that all was lost, so the joy of having won in spite of this was even greater.

On Wednesday, you visited the Audi plant in Ingolstadt and the Neckarsulm location on Thursday. What was the response by the employees?
As part of the Audi brand, we received a very enthusiastic welcome. We not only got to meet a large number of employees from various areas of the company but also many people from Audi Sport who design our race cars but are never at the race track. It was an honor for us that everybody is so proud of the Le Mans victory. We could feel how much the Audi family is backing us. At the works meeting, we even received a round of applause. At Audi, there are particularly strong ties between racing and the company. I’m happy to have been part of this brand since 2010. Our next 24-hour race with Audi is coming up at the end of July – that’s when we’re going to battle for victory with the R8 LMS ultra at Spa.

Audi motorsport-140702-4965