Season » 2012 » 6h Spa Francorchamps (B)

Timo Bernhard

"There is a chance that I will be back behind the wheel in Le Mans"

A word from Timo Bernhard.

Following the accident which happened through no fault of your own during testing at Sebring, you are now back in Germany and are on the road to recovery. How are you doing?
I’m not feeling any pain anymore, which is great. There was no need for any further treatment for my spinal injury, but I’m wearing a neck brace to help the healing process along. I came back to Germany on Easter Monday and am making good progress.

What sort of progress?
I started a rehabilitation program in the USA, and I am continuing with that. My personal trainer is assisting me at the Olympic training center at the state sports school in Saarbrücken. I am rigorously sticking to my training program and feel very good about that, and I know that I will be 100 percent fit again at the end of the process.

What will you be doing in the next few weeks?
There is a chance that I will be back behind the wheel in Le Mans. That’s what we are all currently working toward. But I’m not yet ready to compete in motorsport. Head of Audi Motorsport, Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, has signed up a highly experienced backup driver, Marc Gené, to step in for me in the second WEC race in Spa. The race is on May 5, so I’ll have to watch that one on the TV at home.

Timo Bernhard