Season » 2012 » 6h Fuji (J)


Track length
4.563 m


André Lotterer
“At first glance, Fuji looks easy, but it’s not easy to drive at all. For the 1.5-kilometer straight, you need only little aerodynamic drag and a lot of downforce for the fast corners. The first right-hand turn is very narrow. It’s followed by a fast left-hander – the A-Corner – which is a real challenge. This section merges into the long 100 R where various lines and apices are possible. It’s fast and you’ve got a view of Mount Fuji. Next is a hairpin. You’ve got to do a good job of accelerating out of this turn onto the long, slightly bent uphill straight up to a narrow chicane. The most challenging section comes last: an off-camber right-hand turn, followed by two left-handers with hard to find apices, and then there’s another right-hander. I like the track. Slipstream often plays a major role there.”