Season » 2012 » 6h Spa Francorchamps (B)


Track length
7.003 m


"For me Spa is like a home track because I grew up just an hour away from there. It’s one of the most beautiful race tracks in the world. Overtaking is possible right in the first turn, La Source. The famous Eau Rouge is next. The section in front of Les Combes is another good place for overtaking. The turn drops toward the outside and you’re always a little too fast there. The Pouhon double left-hander opens up a long way. You’ve got to take a lot of speed with you. Then the Fagnes high-speed chicane literally flies toward the driver. It should be possible to drive the Blanchimont passage flat-out if you put yourself in a good position. The end of the circuit is marked by the slowest corner, the new chicane in front of the start and finish.”