Season » 2013 » 12h Sebring (USA)


Track length
5.954 m


Marcel Fässler:
"Compared with a modern European race track Sebring is a relic from the 1960s. This gives the track a lot of character. The concrete slabs of the old airfield are lined up with clearly notable joints that are offset quite a bit in certain places. Not least due to this fact the track has an incredible number of bumps. The first and final bends are regarded as courage testers. You can't see into the first turn - the track width there is reduced from about 20 to only eight meters. At the end of the turn, you've got to watch out for heavy bumps. They can be tricky, particularly in the dark. Generally speaking, there's not much lighting on the track but fortunately we've got LED lights at Audi. They helps us a great deal and I wouldn't want to do it without them anymore. The trackside atmosphere is unique. The Turn 10 Club is famous. If you should retire near Turn 10 it's pretty difficult to get back to the pits. The loyal fan club there really likes to hang on to the drivers for a long time."