Season » 2014 » 24h Le Mans (F)


Track length
13629 m


Tom Kristensen
“Describing Le Mans in a few words is almost impossible. A number of challenges are spread across the 13.6 kilometers: relatively slow chicanes such as those following the start and finish and on the Hundaudières straight, very fast sections like the first part of Indianapolis and the Porsche corners, the two corners in Mulsanne and Arnage, where we shift all the way down to first gear, and the straights of course. In four sections we reach a speed of more than 300 km/h. The traffic being generated when four categories share a field is always a topic on such a high-speed circuit. Only part of the track is permanently used for racing. The major part is public roads closed to traffic which simply feel different than a race track. The fascination remains unique.”