Season » 2014 » 6h Spa (B)


Track length
7003 m


Filipe Albuquerque
“I love Spa with its unique turns and vertical differences. There’s no other place where you can feel the centrifugal forces within your body as much as you can in Eau Rouge. Spa is the second-longest track after Le Mans and the weather is always changeable in the Ardennes. Eau Rouge remains the greatest single challenge. In Formula 1, due to the smaller engines and lower weight, you run flat-out there but in the heavier sports car Eau Rouge is even more extreme. Good overtaking opportunities exist in La Source, in front of Les Combes, in the double left-hand turn, on the Fagnes passage and in the chicane before the start and finish. The tarmac provides outstanding grip which is why slicks even work well when the track is slightly damp. In 2012, I celebrated my third sports car victory on this track with my team-mates.”