Track length
4563 m


André Lotterer
“Fuji is a track I’m intimately familiar with from the many years of my career in Japan. It has many extremes. The start-finish straight is one of the longest ones on the calendar. Good top speed, in other words low aerodynamic downforce, is crucial there. A narrow right-hand turn follows. The middle section of the circuit then poses a challenge. There is a 180-degree Omega-shaped turn called 100 R. However, due to the large radius we reach a speed of more than 200 km/h at the apex. Good downforce is important there. You should accelerate early out of the subsequent left-hand hairpin in order to gain time. It is followed by a straight containing two slight right-hand turns. When the tarmac is dry we run flat-out there. The last section of the track is very narrow. Here, maximum downforce is crucial. We drive mainly in second and third gear. Due to the track’s encircled location in the mountains at an elevation of 600 meters the weather can be unpredictable.”

Track information

Distance: 6 hours
Track record in the race: Mark Webber (Porsche)), 1m 27.759s (187,2 km/h)
Pole position in 2014: Anthony Davidson (Toyota), Average time: 1m 26.886s
Fastest lap in 2014: Mark Webber (Porsche), 1m 27.759s (187,2 km/h)